A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 21 First Time

Chapter 21 First Time

When he touched the necklace he felt mana shooting into him, but it wasn’t anything to worry about. , Archer looked up at the woman. , ”Mana is coming from this?” , He Looked up to see the woman smiling at him. , ”I bet your lady will love that, it comes in pairs,” , She took out a necklace with a green gem and showed him. , ”It is said these gems are linked in some way, rumor says they can communicate in dire circumstances, just drop some blood on it and watch it work.” , ”How much?” , ”Two gold.” , Archer took out the coins and handed them over with a big smile on his face. , ”Thank you.” , Leaving the stall behind Archer headed towards the castle, it was late in the afternoon, so he waited until the sun went down to go see her. , A few hours later Archer was having a feast while sitting on a roof across from the castle, he could see guards patrolling the area. , Watching over the grounds as night fell, he couldn’t use his hood anymore due to his horns but that didn’t bother him. , He Thunder Stepped onto the castle walls, as the guard who was watching that section walked off. , Archer snuck along the wall to reach the courtyard, He had to find a way into the servant’s quarters. , Making his way down the stairs, he heard footsteps approaching the stairs. , Looking around and using thunder step again, he landed further into the courtyard, sneaking towards the servant’s area. , 10 minutes later he arrived at the backside of the castle, looking around he spotted the balcony that was attached to Ella’s room. , He cast Body Enhancement and jumped up to it, as he flew upwards he grabbed hold of the stone railing before pulling himself over. , Looking around, the balcony was basic but well kept with plants and furniture littering the place, he noticed the lights in her room were off. , Archer sat down and waited, falling asleep on a comfortable chair, but his body may not be tired but his mind. , Ella’s P.O.V , After finishing her work and she was tired, so she made her way back to her room. , ‘I wonder how Arch is doing, it’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve heard from him.’ , She was thinking about the boy she missed, it hasn’t been bad since he left but she had noticed Aldwulf was paying more attention to her. , But she ignored him, not wanting to associate with someone who treated Archer horribly. , Walking down the dimly lit hallway, Ella felt the cold touch of the stone floor beneath her feet. , The plain walls, devoid of adornment except for the first wife’s personal touches, were clean and unremarkable. The neglect from the other two wives was evident. , Noticing her door drawing near, Ella trudged along until she finally reached her room. Stepping inside, she lit a candle to cast a warm glow as she prepared for bed. , But as she passed by the window, something caught her eye in the periphery of her vision. Pausing in her tracks, Ella approached the window, curiosity compelling her to peer outside. , There, she spotted him, unmistakable yet different. His once familiar form was now adorned with magnificent white horns and scales that trailed along his neck and body. , “It’s him,” she whispered, her thoughts racing, “but transformed, transformed into something truly awe-inspiring.” , Wondering what had happened to him she didn’t bother thinking about it anymore and rushed out the door. , Ella approached the sleeping boy while examining him, not much has changed apart from the horns and scales. , She was looking at his horns that appeared above his ears bending at different angles before pointing up. , Ella started poking the scales on his hand. , His scales look tough, with the hardness of fingernails, and felt like dry leather to the touch. , The scales are a beautiful snow-white color, she wondered what happened to him, and that’s when she looked up and saw a pair of cat-like violet eyes looking at her with a smile. , Back to Archer , He felt the poking as he was sleeping, his eyes opened to see her poking his hand, he just stared at her with a smile on his face. , She looked up to see him staring at her, she turned beet red while hopping backward like a rabbit. , ”It’s good to see you Ella, how have you been?” , She wouldn’t look at him and kept looking down. , ‘So shy Hehe.’ , Archer stepped forward and she took a step back, he was getting amused at her adorable behavior. , ”Why are you so shy? I told you I would come to see you.” He said in a loving tone. , Looking up at him, she spoke in a caring tone. , ”You’re late, what’s happened to you?” , Archer looked away before answering. , ”Well as you can see I got to level 20 and evolved, I got the eyes, scales, horns, and lastly a dramatic improvement of my senses.” , She looked at him, before asking about the thing that made her so curious. , ”You’re not a human are you?, what are you, Archer?” , Scratching his cheek before answering. , ”A white dragon.” , Ella’s eyes opened before getting an excited look on her face. , ”You’re a dragon Arch?” , He nodded at her question. , She gets happy and smiles. , ”I’m happy for you, I knew you weren’t useless like everyone else thought.” , Smiling as he heard what she said. , They caught up with each other and spoke for hours under the moon’s gaze. , He felt so relaxed that the thoughts that usually plagued his mind were gone. , The two of them were sitting there in silence before Ella spoke. , ”Do you want a drink, Arch?” ., Nodding his head as she smiled as she stood up to go get them drinks. , Ella was gone a while before she returned with some tea, she poured them cups. , That’s when he remembered the necklaces, he stopped drinking. , Taking them out along with the knife, He slashed his hand and let the blood pour over it. , Ella panicked when she saw what he did and ran over to him trying to stop him. , ”Archer what are you doing!” , He smiled. , ”Don’t worry, I’m used to the pain already, here” , Ella looked at the necklace and slowly reached her hand out grabbing it. , She started looking at it and felt so happy, only her mother has ever gotten her something. , ”Sorry about the blood Ella” , Archer explained what he had done. , ”Well I went to buy you something and the woman behind the stall started her sales pitch, and in the end, I bought them.” , She put it on with a huge smile and she leaped forward and hugged Archer while thanking him, which caught him by surprise. , He happily hugged her back, they stayed like that for a little while until she lifted her head and stared into his eyes with those sky-blue eyes of hers. , They stared at each other for a while before she pulled him closer and looked into his eyes with a certain look, and a smile on her pretty face. , Archer blushed as he returned her smile. , She pulled him closer, and without warning, kissed him. , The kiss felt really good to him, her lips were so soft and the scent of lavender struck his nose. , To be honest he probably should have seen it coming; the look in her sky-blue eyes, the way she looked at him. , But he was still unprepared for it, for an unknown amount of time they stayed there, arms around each other, until she drew away. , Her cheeks, usually so pale, were bright pink; she was smiling sheepishly. , He was really happy, he didn’t expect her to kiss him, she’s usually really shy but her bold side attracted Archer to her. , ”Thank you, Ella.” , She nodded and didn’t speak, they both went and sat down. , Archer remembered the church of Light and decided to ask her if she knew anything. , ”Ella what do you know about the church of Light?” , She snaps out of her daze and nodded her head. , ”Yeah, Mother taught me about them.” , A look of shock appeared on her face as she remembered something. , ”Archer they will be after you, they hate the dragons more than anything.” , ”Why?” , Ella looked at him like he was lost but then remembered he lost some memories. , ”So the church of Light hated dragons who ruled over the continent thousands of years ago, they nearly destroyed the church, after the survivors escaped and went into hiding and swore to kill every dragon who appears.” , She drinks some tea and then continues. , ”The Draconic-human wars kicked off thanks to the influence of the church of light, ever since those times they hunt down all dragon-kin.” , He now understood their hatred towards him, but Archer knew there were always two sides to every story and now he wanted the dragon-kins version of events. , They continued speaking late into the night before they went their ways, they planned to meet up a couple of days later. , Ella kissed him again and ran back into her room. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. 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Chapter end

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